Enter: Keto

In November 2012 Dave and I were introduced to Keto by our friend, Kayla. She outlined the basics of what was involved and after doing what I now realize was very limited research we started a month-long Keto diet. By the first weekend in December we broke Keto to have pizza and milkshakes and from then on out we didn’t really stick with it as well as we could have. Sure we tried to make a cauliflower pizza once and maybe a few times we ate our burgers without buns, but we weren’t focusing on what truly makes Keto work (all. the. fats.) so the gains that could have been made were pretty measly, especially by Keto standards. After losing maybe 10 pounds each (which I now know was probably all water weight) we gave it up entirely sometime in January of 2013.

Between February of 2013 and April of 2015 I lost and regained 30 pounds twice using various diet and exercise plans while Dave’s weight slowly crept up. By April 2015 we knew we had gained weight since our relationship had started 5 and ½ years prior and with an upcoming trip to Europe planned in May/June of that year we decided to try Keto again. This time though, we buckled down.

Our Keto round 2 journey started April 20th, 2015, Dave’s starting weight was 188.8. I can never be sure about mine because I refused to step on the scale until 1 week in, and by the time I did I was 202, but I think it’s safe to assume my starting weight was nearing 208.

So what has been different this time around? We read as much about Keto as we could. In fact we never stopped reading/researching. And as will-power would have it, we lost weight in those first 5 weeks and fit much better into our clothes before getting on that plane.

Now, over 11 months later, we are incredibly committed to Keto and are setting up this website as a place to further our research, to share successes and to discuss all things Keto.