Restaurant Review: MIC

Weekly restaurant trips are fun, but when you plan on going to one place and then end up in another part of the city and don’t want to have to backtrack you gotta find a new place you hadn’t thought of before. That’s how we ended up at MIC.

The waitress was really great and even though she clearly didn’t understand what a carb was she did her best to recommend stuff to us. We both wanted get the rotisserie chicken but they were out (it was 5 pm) and their hollandaise sauce had flour in it for some reason, so the mushrooms we wanted as an appetizer was out.

We ended up going with spinach and artichoke dip with a side of celery (let that be a lesson to Montana’s who always gives us such a hard time over this substitution), a Montreal Smoked Meat bun-less sandwich and a chicken bun-less sandwich.

2016-05-06 17.39.00 IMG_20160506_175809

The dip was pretty good, a little less warm than I normally like my food to be, but I was pretty hungry and gobbled it down anyway. My chicken sandwich was gross, the salad was fine and Dave’s smoked meat was actually decent, but again, nothing was hot enough.

Would I eat here again? I might pop in to get the spinach dip with celery another time if I wasn’t hungry enough for a whole meal. But likely won’t be back any time soon. It felt a little bit like a wasted Date Night meal, to be honest, but they can’t all be winners, I guess.


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