’s Low Carb Strawberry Shortcake

Bow down to, everyone. What an awesome site with great FAQs and recipes. I find the majority of my keto dessert’s from his site, and not one has ever let me down.

Every Wednesday we alternate Family Dinner Night at our house and my sister’s house. And every Wednesday we try to outdo each other dessert-wise. It’s awesome to have so many family members who are jumping in on keto.

This past Wednesday we had pizza (using carbalose flour, a post for another time) and I made a keto shortcake. I didn’t have any unflavoured protein powder so I just chocolate flavoured and I would do this substitute again. I also didn’t make the jam as suggested, I just cut up a bunch of strawberries, added them and water to a pot, put in some erythritol and boiled it for a bit before simmering and then mashing to create a jam. Whipping cream is 35% cream with Torani Sugar Free Caramel Syrup whipped together.


Delicious! 6 net carbs per slice, 6 slices total.


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