Restaurant Review: Bella Vita Cucina

Had a work dinner earlier this week. It’s great when other people pick restaurants because it’s a good reminder of how almost every restaurant will accommodate keto if you ask them to and that it isn’t always necessary to look up menu’s before hand.

We had a smaller menu at Bella Vita Cucina because the group was large, but I found an appetizer and entree that worked. I started with a caprese salad, always a great keto option, and got the veal scallopini with mushroom cream sauce which I asked them not flour. Don’t be afraid to ask for changes, you’re paying for the meal and the worst that can happen is they say no and you pick something else to eat. The veggies on the side came with carrots so I left them on the plate. I added parm cheese over everything, for a little extra fat.

caprese salad 2016-04-14 18.20.06

I would definitely eat here again while keto-ing, as I’m sure their full menu has more options to choose from.

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