Restaurant Review: P&M Kouzzina

On Friday night date night Dave and I try to go to different places every week. We’d been to P&M Kouzzina’s BK (before Keto) and knew that at the very least they’d have steak for us to get. We were pretty surprised at how many options the restaurant had for us.

For a starter we had grilled calamari and for mains Dave got bacon wrapped steak with shrimp, broccoli, mushrooms and caesar salad and I got chicken diavolo with a side of turnip fries. In the year that we’ve been eating at restaurants while doing keto we’ve gotten pretty good at asking for nutritional information and substituting when necessary. Don’t be afraid to ask for something else, kitchens are usually really accommodating!

IMG_20160408_172117 IMG_20160408_172134

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