Meal Plan/Grocery Haul April 3-9 2016

Glad to be back making grocery plans this week after not being able to last week. Kept it relatively easy, cause keto doesn’t need to be difficult!

Sunday: “Spaghetti” with meat sauce
Monday: Chili
Tuesday: Chicken wings
Wednesday: (FDN) Meatballs with “spaghetti”
Thursday: Cauliflower soup
Friday: Date night!
Saturday: Hot pot

Wednesday is Family Dinner Night at our place and Friday’s we have date night, where we go to a new restaurant in our town and eat keto.

And, of course, our grocery haul!
2016-04-03 16.03.18

This week we got:
Veggies/fruit/nuts: broccoli (frozen), strawberries, green pepper, onion, garlic.
Meat/cheese: hot salami, medium ground beef, prosciutto, chicken wings, mild Italian sausages, hot pot lamb and beef, bacon.
Misc: Diet Pepsi, eggs, Jello, heavy cream, pasta sauce, chicken stock.

Chili is already in the fridge for tomorrow morning, already can’t wait to eat this week’s meals!

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