Restaurant Review: Montana’s Steakhouse

Dave and I went to Montana’s for the first time since we started Keto, figuring if they had nothing for us we could always just politely leave. After taking a look at the menu it was apparent there were many, many things that couldn’t be sub’ed out to make them Keto friendly, but they had a variety of steak to choose from so we decided to stay.

Our waitress was great, she wasn’t weirded out when I requested the nutritional menu (which, be warned, is comically large) and then poured over it for 10 minutes. She asked what kind of dietary concerns we had and then asked a few questions about Keto.

We couldn’t get any appetizers, sadly. The 4-cheese spinach dip would have fit into our macros for the day but we couldn’t get them to serve it to us with veggies instead of pita. I would have been thrilled if they could have made me nachos with green peppers as the chips, but alas, not every restaurant is capable of stuff like that.

We both ended up getting the peppercorn sirloin with caesar salad (no croutons) and a side of coleslaw. The peppercorn sauce is really good and surprisingly so is the caesar salad dressing. The coleslaw is mayo based, which is great for fat content, and even though it contained 5 net carbs per serving the rest of the meal had practically none. Keeping dinner under 10 carbs while eating out works for us. You can’t always stay home to cook, so knowing there are options for eating out is great.

Our meals came with onion strings, which we didn’t eat, and next time will just ask not to be included. I also had chipotle dip, but the peppercorn sauce was flavourful enough that I didn’t end up using much of it.

So, we will go back to Montana’s for steak again, and I’ll keep pushing for veggies with those apps!

Update: you can now order their Spinach Dip with a side of Cracklin’ instead of pita!!!!

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